Luxury Living in the Heart of Winter Park FL

Luxury Living in the Heart of Winter Park FL

Are you looking for a luxury home in Winter Springs?

If you are in the market for luxury homes in Winter Park, you’ll find that there is a good selection of upscale residences in this city.

No matter what kind of home-style, features, and amenities you’re looking for, whether it is expansive living spaces, gourmet kitchens, custom finishes, luxurious amenities, you name it, Winter Park homes have it.  Located in select affluent communities, you can enjoy the life of opulence, retreat, and privacy in these luxury homes.

The Winter Park community

Acres of lush parks and gardens, fine dining, expensive dress shops — all these and more are waiting for you in the heart of Winter Park. When you’re looking for a laid-back upscale lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place.

Winter Park FL Homes

Winter Park is a city located north of Orlando in Orange Country FL.

It is one of Florida’s beautiful cities showcasing abundant outdoor spaces, brick-lined streets, stunning homes, museums, lakes, and the shopping district on Park Avenue.

Winter Park FL Homes

Originally developed as a planned winter community for wealthy Northerners seeking escape from the harsh winters, Winter Park became their haven, a place to rest and relax. This city was renamed several times. The founders decided on Winter Park because they like the idea of a park in winter.

In the heart of Winter Park is Central Park, an 11-acre park that’s the crown jewel of the community.

Winter Park FL Homes for Sale

This park features lakes, an oak tree canopy, and landscaped grounds. There’s also a Rose Garden on the southern area of the park.

If Central Park is considered the crown jewel of Winter Park, Park Avenue is the centerpiece where shopping, dining, and many cultural activities happen. This street boasts of a plethora of boutiques, cafes, and museums, all in clear view of Central Park.

Park Avenue, along with Central Park is well-known and highly sought after places for cultural events, shows, concerts, and more.

Luxury homes and amenities

Winter Park luxury homes differ in size, style, architecture, and location, but when it comes to amenities, these high-end home have many things in common.

Most of them offer more than 3,000 square feet of living space, providing the spacious living area the high society class demands.

Most homes have expansive interiors, professionally-manicured front lawns, and beautiful backyard spaces with decks, patios, and pools.

Expect Winterpark luxury properties to have high-end interior finishes like marble countertops and top-of-the-line kitchen appliances. Indoor pools, hot tubs, steam showers whirlpools or jacuzzis grace the resort-like bathrooms of these homes.

These upscale homes also feature the latest smart home gadget and security. Most houses have a fully automated home system that has full control of the lights, audio, and temperature inside the home.

You will find that the high-end homes here in Winter Park provide you with elegant exteriors that show expert-quality craftsmanship. Well-planned and beautifully designed interiors grace your view when you enter any of the luxury homes for sale.

Whether you are looking for a home that offers serenity, or a home for entertainment, or a home designed to impress, you can find it here in Winter Park.

Check out one of our recent luxury listing at 1701 Palmer Avenue Winter Park FL 32789

Enjoy elegance, style, and space in this stunning Winter Park home

Fall in love with the elegance and sophistication of this gorgeous home in Olde Winter Park.  Featuring 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2,841 square feet of living space, open floorplan, manicured grounds, outdoor entertaining areas with a pool and more, this home elevates the idea of comfortable living and entertainment.

Conveniently located just minutes away from Phelps Park, Lakemont Elementary School, Lakemont YMA and Park Ave.

1701 Palmer Avenue Winter Park FL 32789 | Pool Home for Sale

Ultimate convenience and relaxation are yours in this Winter Park home, priced for $939,900.

Call me, Allison Day,  at 1-407-617-2881 to schedule a showing today.



Market Stats
Single Family Home
Main Features
4 Bedrooms
3 Full Bathrooms
Interior: 2,841 sqft
Lot: 0.31 acre(s)
Year Built: 1953
MLS #: O5775715
1701 Palmer Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789


RE/MAX Town & Country
(407) 6172881


Listed by: Allison Day

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8 Home Buying Secrets You Need to Know!

8 Home Buying Secrets You Need to Know!

Are you looking for a home in Winter Park?

Buying a house in Winter Park can be fun and exciting. You’ve probably been renting for several years and have finally saved enough for a down payment, so you’re looking forward to owning a house.

Before you get too caught up in your excitement and sign on the dotted line, pause for a moment. Take some time to plan things out.

There’s a reason behind the adage, “Look before you leap.” Many first-time buyers have found themselves in deep trouble because they did not do a lot of research before they started their home buying process.

Whether it’s your first time or your fifth time buying a Winter Park home, make sure you are putting your money into the right house.


Here’s a brief list of things to do before you say “Yes!” to the house.


1. Get a pre-approval

Before you do anything else, you first need to know how much house you can afford.

Find a mortgage broker right away and get pre-approved so you know how much house you can buy.

Sellers are more willing to negotiate and make allowances for an approved buyer.


2. Write down your priorities

Once you know how much house you can afford, you need to make a list of your requirements.

Do you want new construction? How many rooms do you need? How many bathrooms?

How much privacy do you want? Do you want a house near a school?

Make a checklist and decide which ones take priority when you make a decision.


3. Know the neighborhood

8 Home Buying Secrets - Park Ave Shoppes

You can change the house, but you cannot change the neighborhood. It’s important that you learn many things about the area as you possibly can.  

Find a community that’s close to your work and excellent schools. Even if you don’t have children,  a house near a school is a better investment because properties near schools tend to have higher appreciation rates.


4. Stick to your budget

Buy a home you can afford.

Some people buy homes at the top of their price range, which can be a mistake. It is better to stay in the mid-range and live a comfortable life than go for the top range and be house poor.

When you’ve found a home that fits your requirements, make a fair and reasonable offer.  Sellers respect buyers who have studied the property to make a reasonable offer.


5. Take the emotion out of the equation

Don’t fall for the gorgeous lake views. Look at the house objectively and check everything before deciding to buy.


6. Get a home inspection

Whether you are buying new construction or an existing home, you should have the property checked by a home inspector.

Why? Because it is for your safety and protection. All homes have issues, even new construction.

It is the job of a home inspector to check if the home passes the safety standards and if there are things to repair.

The result of the home inspection is also a great bargaining tool to use in perhaps being able to renegotiate the terms of your offer.


7. Prepare for sleeper costs

When buying a Winter Park home for sale, consider all the expenses, including the sleeper costs.

You don’t just pay for the house. You also pay for the property taxes, utilities, and more. Home improvements are also part of sleeper costs.

This is also another reason why you should find a home that’s within your price range, if possible. You want to reserve some money to put into sleeper costs.


8.  Avoid any major purchases

If you want your pre-approval to go without a hitch, avoid making any major purchases at least six months before you visit the mortgage broker.   

You do not want to do anything that will change your debt ratio.

The lender will consider all of your lines of credit, credit cards, and other expenses.

They use ratios to determine how much house you are qualified to buy.


Follow these tips and you’ll maximize your budget and buy the Winter Park property you’ve been waiting for.

Ready to buy a home? Call me, Allison Day, at (407) 617-2881 today.

What You Should Know Before Buying a Home in Winter Springs FL

What You Should Know Before Buying a Home in Winter Springs FL

Are you ready to be a homeowner?

One of the exciting milestones of adulthood is buying your own home in Winter Springs. It is proof of your independence and financial stability. Your would-be house is or may be the biggest financial asset you’ll have in your life. As such, time and preparation are essential.

If you plan to buy a property in Winter Springs this year, here are ten things you should know before signing a contract.

1. Be well acquainted with the neighborhood

Before you buy a house, get to know the neighborhood well.

Visit the neighborhood at different times of the day, checking if you’re comfortable with what you see each time. Drive by in the early morning hours, during late afternoons, lunchtime and in the evenings. Commute from the house to your work to know if it is something you can deal with on a daily basis.

Determine how close you are to the nearest grocery store, hospital, and other services if those things are important to you. Check if they are within reasonable driving distance.

Check the schools in the neighborhood. Know their ratings. If you are at a stage in your life where children are not in the picture, the schools will still be important for future home values. You may have to sell your house down the road. Many buyers are willing to pay more if the house is in a good school district.

2. Make the right offer

Your offer should be based on two things. One, what you prequalify for. Two, what you think the property is worth.

Find out the real estate values in the area with the help of your agent. If it’s a seller’s market, you would have to match the listing price or go higher. If it’s a buyer’s market, you can offer below the listing price, but still at a price reasonable to the seller.

Check the comparables. Find out how much similar homes in the area have sold for. That should give you a good basis for your offer.

Get advice from your real estate agent. I would be more than happy to help you with ascertaining the best scenario for your offer.

3. Require a home inspection.

Know what you’re buying.

Hire a home inspector so you can make an informed decision. That $200 you spend will save you thousands if you buy a house properly inspected by a competent and professional inspector.

The result of that inspection can be used as a bargaining tool should there be any physical defects found in the house.

Remember, this is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make.

4. Be practical

Don’t buy a house because you love the brick fireplace or the spacious kitchen. Buying a home based only on certain features could potentially lead to a pretty bad financial decision.

Evaluate the flaws and strengths of the home. If you think the flaws are minimal and you can live with it, that’s when you decide to buy.

5. Take account of sleeper costs

If this is your first time to buy a Winter Springs house, get your facts ahead of time and check for sleeper costs.

These things will break your bank if you are not prepared. New paint, HOA, utility connections, landscaping, tax increases, and utility bills are among the most common sleeper costs.

Budget for your sleeper costs. That way, you don’t have to worry about going into foreclosure before you even start enjoying the house.

6. Choose a home size fit for your needs and your neighborhood

Who doesn’t want to own the biggest and most beautiful house on the block?

But if you consider the possible re-sell potential, the best home will only appeal to a small number of buyers, therefore limiting its chance of selling.

The home’s value is affected by the value of the other homes in the neighborhood, so it’s not a good idea to buy a $500,000 home when the rest of the homes are selling for $300,000.

7. Timing the real estate market is impossible.

Don’t try to buy by timing the housing market. It is constantly fluctuating and changing. You’ll be making a lot of mistakes when you base your house buying decision on the market’s situation.

Buy when you are ready, when you have the means to do it, and you’ve found the perfect house.

8. Find out where your property lines are

Get a property survey done so you know your property’s border. This will not only save you from any potential neighbor disputes, but it is also the basis of your property taxes. Definitely a must-know.

9. Get a pre-approval

If your eyes are set on a Winter Springs property for sale, get a pre-approval before you even make an offer. Shop around for the best mortgages and interest rates.

Sellers tend to take your offer more seriously when they know you’ve been pre-approved.

10. Don’t move your money three to six months before you purchase.

Lenders will check your credit score, your credentials, your money trail; everything financially related, so don’t make any huge purchases in the six months before buying your house.

You have to make the lenders see that you are financially credible and reliable.

Several loans and major purchases do not inspire the lender’s confidence.

Preparation is the key to a successful home journey.

Are you buying your first home in Winter Springs? Call me, Allison Day, at (407) 617-2881. Let’s make sure you are well prepared to embark on one of the biggest financial journeys of your life.

1701 Palmer Avenue Winter Park FL 32789 | Olde Winter Park Home for Sale

1701 Palmer Avenue Winter Park FL 32789 | Olde Winter Park Home for Sale

Welcome to your Dream Home in Olde Winter Park

Elegance and sophistication unite in this stunning home nestled on an oversized corner lot in the prestigious Winter Park.

With 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and all the finest finishes in 2,841 square feet of gorgeous living space, this home brings comfortable living and entertaining to a whole new level.

Winter Park FL Homes

This Winter Park home ensures that space and light are showcased in every room.  

You’ll love everything in this home, from its beautifully-manicured front yard to its extended paved drive, covered portico, open layout perfect for entertaining, and outdoor entertaining areas.

To secure your ultimate comfort and convenience, this home was exceptionally renovated in 2016 which includes a Brand New tile roof, New HVAC system, New plumbing, and kitchen appliances.  

Immaculate attention and impeccable detail were given to oak flooring, high-profile baseboards, crown molding, custom Wood Mode kitchen cabinets, plaster walls and ceilings, custom built-ins and detailed millwork throughout.

If you’ve been looking for a spacious town haven that offers elegant living indoor and out, this home for sale in Winter Park is what you’ve been looking for.

Don’t miss this chance to live in desirable Winter Park!

Winter Park is well-known for its attractive homes, lush surroundings,  and convenient location.

Located north of Orlando, this gorgeous city offers upscale living and is one of the best places to live in Florida. 

Residents in Winter Park enjoy wonderful amenities like great parks and playgrounds.

A haven for foodies and shoppers, Winter Park offers a wide selection of restaurants offering a taste of different cultures.

It boasts of top-notch public schools, some of which are the best in the county and state.

This home is conveniently situated on an oversized lot in Olde Winter Park within walking distance to Lakemont Elementary School and the Lakemont YMA.

Grab your racquets and head over to nearby Phelps Park for a friendly (or competitive!) game of tennis. Or if golf is your passion, the world-class Interlachen Golf Club is just 4 minutes down the road.

Enjoy a robust selection of boutiques and eateries along Park Ave …only three minutes away!

Own your own piece of Winter Park!

Homes in Winter Park FL

The main door opens into a lovely foyer with freshly refinished hardwood floors which extend throughout the house.

Step into the foyer and feel right at home. You will notice the openness of the surroundings.

Winter Park FL Real Estate Properties for Sale

To the right of the foyer is the marvelous gourmet kitchen equipped with more than 30 cabinets, a 4×8 center island, a walk-in pantry for additional storage, dual wine refrigerators, and a granite-topped bar.

Your inner chef is sure to shine in this impressive kitchen.

Homes for Sale in Winter Park FL

The spacious formal dining room is perfect for large gatherings, intimate dinner parties, and celebrations.

Large windows let light stream into this elegant dining space that can comfortably fit a ten-person dining set.

Open to both the kitchen and the living area, this formal dining room is conveniently set for easy access.

Winter Park FL Homes for Sale

Adjacent to the formal dining area is a well-spaced living room with a fireplace and large windows. Decorative millwork adds charm and character to this already stunning room.

If you love to entertain, this vast living room will serve you well!

Winter Park FL Homes

Off the kitchen, you’ll find a cozy library with built-in bookcases and a TV cabinet. This well-lighted library is a great spot for relaxing with a good book.  

Homes for Sale in Winter Park FL

There’s also a dedicated office which boasts beautiful views of handsome built-ins and designer finishes.

An exquisite master suite for that ultimate retreat

Homes in Winter Park FL

Need a private sanctuary? This luxury home has got you covered!

The master bedroom is large and offers amazing views of the grounds.

Set with the most comfortable bed, it will deliver restful nights and quality sleep.

The well-appointed master bathroom boasts a jacuzzi-style tub and luxurious details including custom cabinets, oil-rubbed bronze hardware, designer lighting, and travertine tile flooring.

Outdoor living spaces designed for entertaining

This Winter Park property’s backyard is just as stunning as the interior.  It offers not one, but two outdoor living spaces AND an extended deck- perfect for evenings around the fire-pit.

Real Estate Properties for Sale in Winter Park FL

This Tuscan-inspired patio is perfect for al fresco dining and outdoor entertaining.

Winter Park FL Homes

The resort-style pool with waterfall and expansive pool deck is the perfect spot for those moments when all you want to do is relax, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy your favorite drink.

The backyard is fully fenced for privacy and security.

A huge laundry room with considerable storage, plus a detached 2-car garage and additional storage with a temperature-controlled wine room complete the features of this amazing pool home.  

Clearly, a lot of careful planning went into this home, from its stunning architectural details to its top-of-the-line appliances.

Experience luxury, privacy, retreat, and style in this magnificent real estate property in Winter Park, yours for only $939,900.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own this dream home! Call me, Allison Day,  at 407-617-2881 to schedule your private showing today.